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Duke Raleigh Hospital Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour of Biplane Angiography Suite

Bi-Plane Virtual Tour

Duke Raleigh Hospital's biplane angiography suite is the first of its kind in Wake County. As the name implies, biplane angiography captures X-ray images from two different "planes" or angles, allowing physicians a more realistic visualization of the area that is projected on a monitor in real time. During a typical procedure, neurosurgeons or cardiac electrophysiologists, CRNA's, anesthesiologists, nurses and radiation techs are all a part of the patient's care team.

Biplane technology spares surgeons having to perform open procedures and enables them to access the affected area endovascularly, instead—which is not only less invasive, but also less risky. Endovascular surgery is a minimally invasive way of accessing areas of the body that are difficult to reach surgically. Unlike the traditional "open" approach— which often requires several large incisions—endovascular surgery involves accessing the surgical area through blood vessels beginning in the groin.